Brit holidaymakers filmed defying coronavirus lockdown in Spain’s Benidorm taunting police on the Costa Blanca


FOOTAGE of British tourists apparently taunting police in Benidorm, chanting ‘we’ve all got the flu, na na na na! in the midst of a coronavirus lockdown, has gone viral.

At least 50 Brits can be seen defying the country’s lockdown during the coronavirus crisis, drinking in the streets and shouting as police try to get them back inside.

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The clip, filmed from a hotel balcony, was posted on Twitter on Saturday with the caption: ‘The police clearing away English tourists, already cooked the terraces of Benidorm.’

The footage was met with comments from viewers such as ‘get them back to the UK!’ and ‘what unconsciousness, irresponsibility and stupidity’.

Another shot, of what is believed to be the same incident, shows Brits drinking out of one-litre lager bottles and cans.

When asked to move on, they can apparently be heard telling a police officer: ‘We’re not causing any trouble, we’re just walking away.’

Reinforcements were called as two officers struggled to get the British tourists to move, and reportedly used force and pushed several people away.


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