Fallas fiestas can’t be silenced

The show must go on!

ALL of the Valencian Community is on lockdown.
In Xativa (Valencia) Policia Nacional patrol cars drove through the city this morning, informing the population that they may go out only for justified reasons.

People are heeding the warning. The squares and streets are deserted although before the Covid-19 hit crisis, Xativa, like Valencia City and towns throughout the region, would be preparing for the fire fiestas when the Fallas, mammoth sculptures designed to be burnt, go up in flames on the night of March 19.

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Instead of police megaphones, the streets should be echoing to the fireworks and brass bands that the region is famous for, preparing for the big day. There will still be a chance to hear those musicians, however briefly, on March 19.
Thanks to social media campaigns, they will all go out onto the balconies or stand at the windows of their homes at mid-day to play – what else? – Paquito el Chocolatero, the paso doble that is inseparable from Fallas.

“We are musicians from the land of music, and we’re going to make ourselves heard,” the Federation of Valencian Community Musical Societies declared.





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