‘Hospital Regional de Malaga’, in Costa del Sol will perform urgent surgeries only due to Coronavirus pandemic

Paediatric surgeries will continue: Hospital Regional in Malaga. Credit: Wikipedia

THE uncertainty regarding the coronavirus in the Hospital Regional, in Malaga, has given way, after the protests of the employees, forcing the management of the health centre to postpone surgeries that are not oncological or urgent.

The complex has reorganized the surgical agendas of the non-urgent scheduled interventions in order to have enough space to face the increase in income due to the coronavirus crisis, both in the different hospitalisation units and in the ICU.

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The measure responds to a “hypothetical increase in patients ” requiring admission for this condition.

The Regional is made up of four different centres: Hospital General, known as Carlos Haya; the Civil, the Materno Intantil and the CARE José Estrada.

For the time being, the activity will continue in the Hospital Civil, where most of the major surgeries are held, and in the Maternal and Child Hospital, where paediatric surgeries will continue as well as gynaecological activity.

The management has specified that the rescheduling of the postponed surgeries will be done “as soon as possible”.


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