Spain shuts doors of all education & day centres as ‘uncontrollable’ Coronavirus now infects 3,142+

Although the Spanish economy, which came to a total standstill around two weeks ago, comes out of hibernation tomorrow, "lockdown restrictions will be maintained", says Spain's President. Credit: Shutterstock

Spain has announced the closure of all education and day centres across the whole of country, as the number of people infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to soar. There are now more than 3,142 people reported to be infected with the disease, with the death toll standing at 84 at the last count.

Spain’s Andalusia is the latest region to announce the closure of all school and universities for two weeks from the 16th until 30th March, as reported earlier. The measure has also been extended to all day centres catering for the disabled and the elderly. Andalusian President, Juan Manuel Moreno, described the latest measures as ‘necessary to protect the wellbeing of its people’.

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This announcement follows Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s recommendation to all communities across the country ‘to close all educational centres to prevent further spread of the virus’. The Spanish government also suspended parliament for two weeks this morning (as reported), as two of the country’s top politicians have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Spain’s monarchy and the country’s top ministers, are also reported to have been tested for the virus today.




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