Missing persons action training for Costa Almeria Guardia Civil

PARTICIPANTS: Officers from all the provincial units took part in the initiative. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

GUARDIA Civil operating on the Costa Almeria underwent an intense day of training covering updates on actions to be taken in cases of missing persons.

Officers from all the provincial units took part in the initiative. The aim was to familiarise them with the contents of the 2018 Secretary of State for Security Instruction and regulations on implementation to improve preparation and response in the activation and operation of disappearance early alert systems.

The training also included information about the ‘Centro Nacional de Desaparecidos’, the organ responsible for putting out details and statistics about missing persons cases in Spain, the GREA Andalucia Emergencies Group’s resources for dealing with such cases, and the technical and logistical support.


Another particular issue included in the day was the protocol for cases of child and other high risk disappearances.

Personnel from GREA, the Guardia Civil Air Service, the Judicial Police and Citizen Security were the event trainers.

Also taking part in the day was the SOS-Desaparecidos organisation: the president Joaquin Amills gave a presentation about how to deal with, protect and orientate the families of people who disappear and the importance of coordinating resources.


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