Costa Almeria thief with lengthy criminal record caught out

SIEZED: Tools of the trade CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A CUEVAS del Almanzora man with a lengthy criminal record is under arrest for a series of robberies.

The Guardia Civil said officers intercepted him when he was walking along carrying a backpack full of different kinds of tools.

It turned out a Vera court had issued an arrest warrant for the man identified as G.M.R., leading to his detention.


Investigations into various break-ins in the area placed him at the scene of 10 forced entries into businesses, a residency for the elderly and cars. The Guardia also believe he was responsible for stealing €6,500 in cash and €2,600 in lottery tickets from inside a lorry.

In all the cases the thief had got in using a jack, lever or other implements. He acted at night, the Guardia said, emerging from hiding places like abandoned caves houses, flats, garages and constructions works clad in dark clothing and with the bag of tools.

The Guardia also reported he acted alone and took advantage of his familiarity with the local area to select promising targets and to get away without being detected.

During the course of the investigation it emerged that G.M.R. had a record for no less than 137 thefts and that he had been arrested on 17 previous occasions.

The Guardia have recovered some of the items stolen in the most recent robberies.


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