Life saving initiative in Villajoyosa

FIRST AID: Basic techniques will be taught in Villajoyosa at the weekend.

FIRST aid techniques which could be vital to saving lives in the event of a traffic accident are the focus of a basic training initiative in Villajoyosa this weekend, prepared by the council in collaboration with the town’s motor club, GTM 2 Rodes.

Councillor for Sports, José Ramón Uclés, said the aim is to raise awareness about the measures and actions that should be carried out at the scene of a collision prior to the arrival of emergency services.

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“The minutes after an accident are very important in order to save the life and prevent or stop the conditions of the injured person”, he said, adding that “with an adequate intervention in first aid it is possible to preserve life, prevent the worsening of the person’s injuries, as well as avoid later complications”.

A spokesperson for GTM 2Rodes, went on to say: “Training in first aid and CPR is necessary for the correct application of these techniques in case of witnessing a traffic accident. One of the objectives of this talk is to reach the youth, since many of them are users of vehicles and do not know the correct application or the protocol of action in these cases. A protocol that is of vital importance.”

The talk “How to act in front of an accident” will take place on Saturday, March, 14 at 6pm in the Auditorium of the Social Center Llar del Pensionista. Entrance is free until the room is full. The initiative is promoted by Kedada Alicante and the association DYA de Villajoyosa.


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