Fuengirola’s population growing due to quality of life on the Costa del Sol

Well-being enjoyed by residents: A clean, safe town. Credit: Ayto de Fuengirola

FUENGIROLA leads the population growth of Andalucia “thanks to the quality of life achieved in the area”, stated Mayor Ana Mula, who also said that, with a census of 4,913 new inhabitants in just one year, the town has welcomed more new residents than six entire provinces in the community.

Among the determining factors for this, as indicated by the Mula herself, “are the well-being enjoyed by residents, with a clean, safe town, quality municipal services, attractive leisure and cultural offer, and a remarkable economic development making Fuengirola, today, the town desired by all.”

“On February 28 I told you that Fuengirola is one of the most important and future towns in Andalucia. It was not an opinion or a perception of mine, it is a fact. The data shows Fuengirola is the municipality that has grown the most in the entire province according to the latest revision of the register,” said the Mayor.

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This increase is due to “people who come to our city to establish their life, second residence or a place to enjoy their retirement. And the quality of life of Fuengirola is a decisive factor for his choice.”


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