Aggressive man interrupts International Women’s Day march in Alicante on the Costa Blanca

Sleepy man: Taunting crowd and throwing water. Credit: Twitter

A MAN has boycotted Sunday’s, 8M march for International Women’s Day in Alicante by throwing water and bottles from a balcony and jeering at the participants carrying the header banner. The march ran along the Avenida Maisonnave, shortly after it began when an individual started to throw water from the balcony of a sixth-floor apartment. He has also launched the plastic bottles that contained liquid.

The man then made offensive gestures towards the demonstration, while the crowd taking part began to berating his “cowardly” attitude. “¡Ahí vive un machista!” hundreds of people have chanted, pointing out that he was a misogynist. The march even stopped for a few minutes.

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Finally, Policia Nacional entered the building, to applause from the protesters.

Apparently, sources said, the individual was upset that the demonstration did not let him sleep.



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