Spain’s Malaga to host first-ever ‘StartupCities’ Global Congress

Malaga Town Hall partners with European Commission to host first StartupCities Global Congress CREDIT: Shutterstock

Malaga Town Hall has announced that it will host the first-ever ‘StartupCities’ Global Congress, in partnership with the European Commission later this year. The first event will take place on the 25th November 2020. The annual event will be held in a different continent each year, starting with Malaga, according to the organisers.

The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, had signed a declaration to show his interest and support of the StartupCities programme, at the end of last year. Malaga was a contender amongst other European cities that wanted to host Europe’s event, such as Braga and Ostrava, confirmed the organisers.

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The decision to host the event in Malaga was announced by Mariya Gabriel, the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, at an event held at the Innovation Campus in Cluj Napoca, in Rumanía, earlier this week.


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