Costa Almeria highway maintenance beefed up

PRIORITY: The Public Works deputy said the aim is to keep the provincial road network in optimum condition. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE Diputacion de Almeria has announced it is beefing up maintenance of the provincial highway network with a €500,000 investment.

Public Works deputy Oscar Liria said the administration has awarded a works contract which will mean additional actions to those already carried out by the provincial highway service with the aim of maintaining the 1,200 kilometres of road making up the network in optimum condition.

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The new investment brings the total allocated to provincial road maintenance this year to nearly €2 million.

Liria said the administration regards highway maintenance as a priority.

“Provincial highways are real generators of opportunities because they guarantee mobility, also the transport of agro-food production, and the flow of tourists”, the deputy commented.


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