Rock for All the Family on the Costa del Sol Spain

A perfect tribute Credit: EiSi/DiSi

THERE is a rather unusual organisation Rock en Familia which is dedicated to bringing rock music to children but in a manner which they will enjoy and parents will be happy with.

They run interactive concerts featuring the music of different bands and singers ranging from the Beatles to Metallica and Queen to Michael Jackson but they guarantee that the sound levels will be kept low so that no damage is done to youngster’s ears.

On Saturday March 14 at 6pm, families can enjoy EiSi/DiSi and their “Highway to Party” Tour 2020 allowing youngsters to discover AC/DC at the Felipe VI Auditorium in Estepona with tickets costing €15 online.


The show is performed by a live band with professional musicians who perform songs from the repertoire of the different stages of AC/DC with spectacular lights, choreography, scenery, costumes, special effects and many surprises.

This is the best opportunity families to attend to an unforgettable Rock concert because good musical taste has no age!


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