Official Protest by Medical Staff at New Spanish Hospital Supported by Local Councillor

Medical workers protest Credit: Ayuntamiento de La Linea

A FORMAL protest organised by local medical unions and staff (which was attended by the deputy mayor of La Linea de la Concepcion) was held outside of the La Linea Hospital which is the newest in the area and takes in patients from the Campo de Gibraltar.

The protestors demanded that the governance of the hospital be removed from the Andalucia Health Authority and be managed as a separate institution in order to better serve the people that it was built to look after.

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In addition, they called for the immediate dismissal of the current manager responsible for the area as they believe that they were not kept informed of developments especially with regards to the granting of autonomy.

Whilst this is an almost brand new hospital, which the Junta de Andalucia promoted as being important in the run up to the election, it is now suffering from financial neglect meaning a shortage of professional staff and a management unable to make decisions they claimed.


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