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How often should I wash my hair?: Wash your hair with less stress. Credit: Shutterstock

NOW there’s no universally correct answer for “How often should I wash my hair?” because every single scalp and hair type is unique. So even though you’ve probably heard that it’s best to wash your hair as infrequently as possible, that’s may not exactly be true. Your ultra-fine, grease-prone hair won’t follow the same rules as someone with combination curls because depending on your hair type, not washing your hair enough can cause dandruff, irritation and even hair loss.

Also, washing too frequently can lead to stripped, straw-like hair and scalp inflammation.

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So, although it’ll still require some testing to figure out how often to wash your hair, here is a basic starting frequency for some hair types to help you wash your hair with less stress.

Fine hair shows grease and oil more than other hair types do. It may be tempting to shampoo every day, but you’ll just end up stripping your hair and potentially leading to even more oil. Instead, wash your hair every other day with a gentle, volumizing formula and blast your roots with dry shampoo to curb day-two grease.

Thick, dense hair follicles tend to disguise oil better than thinner hair, which means that if your hair isn’t very oily, try to wash it only once or twice a week. If you’re prone to buildup or itchiness, try a shampoo filled with the pore-clearing and inflammation-zapping tea tree oil to will your roots clean without feeling stripped.

Waves and looser curls can get weighed down by the butters and oils in curl-specific shampoos, especially if your hair is fine. To keep them voluminous and defined—without the straw-like dryness—wash every other day or every two days ( with a sulfate-free cleanser that’s formulated with lightweight moisturizers.

When you damage your hair it roughs up the cuticles, leaving your strands dry, dull, and brittle. To help counteract the damage, try sulphate-free, colour-safe shampoo that uses plant-based proteins and lightweight oils to gently cleanse and hydrate. Then, once a week, douse your hair in a treatment that uses keratin to repair the broken bonds in your fried hair.


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