Costa Almeria tourism promotion campaign to lure European visitors

PROMOTION: A provincial government delegation including Diputacion President Javier A. Garcia and Tourism Deputy Fernando Gimenez were in Paris last year to promote the Costa Almeria CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE provincial government’s tourism service has launched a competition to find a company to take charge of a campaign aimed at luring more than 100,000 visitors from 11 European countries.

The campaign will run from May to November and is aimed at breaking the seasonal nature of tourism in the province and at consolidating markets in the UK, Scandinavia, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands and Portugal.

This is the Diputacion de Almeria’s eighth European initiative of this kind to increase visitor numbers and extend the tourism season.


Among the conditions for the company chosen this time are that each visitor’s stay should be for a minimum of five nights. The company will have also have to organise excursions, routes and guided visits around the province with a view to tourists visiting different areas.

There will also be promotional actions in the visitor countries of origin to get people to choose Almeria for their holidays.

Diputacion Tourism deputy Fernando Gimenez said the administration was making great efforts to boost Almeria as a visitor destination.

He described the campaign as the most important of 2020 and said it would “guarantee the arrival of a minimum of 109,000 tourists up until the end of the year.

“We are going to make a major investment which will have a major return and which is going to allow for breaking seasonality, increase average tourists stays and reinforce the image of our destination in Europe.”


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