Abortion Compared to Holocaust by Seven Religious Leaders in Gibraltar

The controversial setting at the memorial Credit: GBC Twitter

SEVEN religious leaders representing the Muslim community, the Catholic Church, City Line Church, Church of Scotland, Fidaldelfia Evangelical Church, the Jewish Community and the Methodist Church of Gibraltar have issued a joint statement, encouraging everyone to vote “no” in the upcoming referendum on abortion.

They were photographed holding hands over the Holocaust Memorial in Commonwealth Park and a spokesman for the leaders told GBC News that “abortion is a modern-day holocaust.”

The Government of Gibraltar which is not ‘taking sides’ has responded saying that it considers the photograph to badly ill-judged in “seeking to mobilise the horrific atrocity and crime against humanity that the Holocaust represents in favour of one side in the referendum debate.”


The referendum is due to take place on Thursday March 19 and has clearly caused controversy which is likely to continue regardless of the result.


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