Mallorca teenager robber nicked in Soller

CHASE: When officers approached the 17-year old he abandoned the moped and made off CREDIT: Shutterstock

SOLLER Local Police arrested a teenage robber following a chase through the streets.

A patrol on duty in the port area on the outskirts of the town spotted the 17-year old at about 5.30 on Monday morning pushing a moped it turned out he had just stolen.

Something about his behaviour raised the officers’ suspicions, and when they approached him he abandoned the moped and fled.


The officers set off in hot pursuit. One of them tracked him down a short time later in a garden hiding behind an orange tree. There was a struggle when he tried to cuff the young delinquent, who managed to get away and speed off down the road.

The patrol carried on looking for him and after a short while came across a suspicious-looking car. When they pulled over the 20-year old driver they found the teenager sitting in the passenger seat.

A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of a bicycle chassis, two motorcycle helmets and tools, which the officers suspected were stolen.

The officers detained the youngster for robbery and the attempted theft of the moped.


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