Polar Bears are eating each other as they scavenge for food while the Arctic Ice melts and fossil fuel extraction destroys their habitat

A Russian survey team was horrified to find out that starving Polar Bears have turned to cannibalism to survive

A Russian scientist has revealed that the animals are starving to death and are now feeding on each other in the Arctic as melting ice and fossil fuel extraction destroys their habit.

Ice levels are falling due to rising temperatures and industrial companies are moving into the area -forcing polar bears out of their traditional hunting grounds or on to the shore areas where food is scarce.

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The rise in cannibalism incidents, according to the researcher, could also be due in part to an increase in human activity in the Arctic who are there to witness the horrific events. It was found that polar bears also hoard the bodies of their kills by burying them in the dirt and snow so they can retrieve them at a later date.

Note on Climate Change

The future of our planet is the greatest challenge facing humanity. Devastating fires, record temperatures, superstorms and melting ice sheets – day after day, extreme weather events amplified by global warming make the headlines.




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