Better access for residents in Costa Almeria locality Cantoria

LOOSE ENDS: Mayor Puri Sanchez claimed her administration trying to “put in order the zones which grew in a totally disordered way.” CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Cantoria

RESIDENTS of the El Faz district of Cantoria are set to have improved access to their properties thanks to a provincial infrastructure project requested by the council.

The local administration said it had asked the Diputacion de Almeria in 2018 to carry out surfacing and public lighting works on an area of nearly 5,000sqm of roads.

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The council contributed 30 per cent to the initial €70,000 project budget, but has added a further €40,000 to allow for what the local authority described as “a more definitive solution to the structural deficiencies.”

The council referred to El Faz as one of the areas of the municipality with a particular issue in terms of “irregular urban development which gave rise to the illegal property crisis”, and pointed out that up until now there were just dirt tracks.

The council also claimed that previous administrations had “washed their hands” of the matter in the face of the “urban conflict” judicial situation.

“We have tried to put in order the zones which grew in a totally disordered way, tying up the loose ends of that period when in Cantoria there was building without worrying about providing essential public services or the minimum payment of municipal taxes”, maintained municipal mayor Puri Sanchez.

She continued, “During the previous legislature we acted on the most urgent, dealing especially with needs of the elderly and children, with parks and with areas which invite you to enjoy the village, and to fix and ensure our population, and now it is time to act street by street.”

It is, the Mayor said, “an ambitious plan which we will implement in phases”, promising that by this summer Cantoria will be easier to get around, with better access and connectivity for properties and businesses.

El Faz was a horrendous case, according to Sanchez, with roads which were all but unpassable.

The infrastructure investment is aimed at addressing the lack of road surfaces and installing LED energy efficient technology public lighting in the area, which she said “in the preliminary works for the new general urban land-use plan is noted as a natural growth zone.”


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