Malaga fears as face masks sell out in Costa del Sol capital

Credit: Shutterstock

MOST pharmacies in Malaga have already sold out of protective face masks following the alarm generated by the Coronavirus. In the Puerta del Mar pharmacy they have been sold out since last Monday and others have reported excessive demand since the end of January when the cases in Wuhan began to be known.
Sources from the pharmacies talk about a generalized “psychosis”. In the four weeks since the first cases of the virus were announced, they have sold more than 2,000 units, a situation that extends throughout the area.
The most worrying thing about this situation is that, on the one hand, it is meaningless and, on the other, it is leaving those who may really need it out of stock. “That a person in Malaga, for fear, goes to buy masks is absurd. Its use would be recommended to the sick themselves because they retain part of what leaves the body reducing the chances of contagion” says Diego Rodríguez, president of the College of Pharmacists of Malaga
Precisely, as confirmed by the College of Pharmacists and the pharmacy, most of the plaintiffs are foreigners. “In the beginning, they were mostly Asians who were travelling in Malaga. Later, many cruise passengers and people who had planned to travel,” they say from the Pharmacy Mata. The demand for hand disinfection gels and laser thermometers has also increased.


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