Local Author Educates Young Adults Across Spain With His Inspiring Books

Paul Ogarra Credit: Facebook

BORN and educated in Gibraltar, Paul Ogarra now lives in Fuengirola and has started writing books for young adults.

His first book The Boy who Sailed to Spain tells the story of Masunun who is a Christian living in North Africa who following the murder of his father crosses the sea to try to find a protection for his family.

His second book Malak Desert Child is a thought-provoking adventure story that is set in Morocco and the Sahara, and revolves around five-year-old girl, Malak who is young, but possesses a remarkable spiritual wisdom that influences all those around her.


She, her mother and sister are rescued by friends from an abusive, alcoholic father and begin an epic journey to reach her mother’s own people, a tribe in Western Sahara.

Morocco, however, uses this as a pretext to invade the disputed territory of the Western Sahara. What began as a mission of mercy may end with an all-out war, unless a miracle happens.

In this book in particular, the author wants to introduce younger readers to real-world issues and remind readers of the ongoing Western Sahara conflict between the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco.


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