Extra paper recycling capacity in Costa Almeria locality Adra

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS: The Mayor highlighted the importance of recycling in helping to fight against climate change. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA council has increased the municipality’s paper and carton recycling capacity by 20 per cent.

The local authority has acquired additional recycling bins and replaced skips which were in a poor state of repair, upping the total number from 85 to 110.

This has allowed the council to install paper recycling bins in areas where they were previously lacking.


Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes went to take a look at some of new bins in situ.

“They have been distributed around different areas of the town and outlying areas, meeting the needs of each zone”, he commented.

He explained they had started with “substituting those containers we considered had deteriorated with the passage of time or due to vandalism with new units, then incorporating new containers in locations where there weren’t any, and where they were necessary.”

Cortes took the opportunity to talk about his administration’s “effort to improve the maintenance of the town, especially in regard to cleaning and recycling.

“For us developing a circular economy is fundamental”, the Mayor said, “and for this the separation of residues has an important role, all with a view to fighting climate change and doing our bit to care for the environment.”

He also called for “citizen collaboration”, remarking, “we need to all be in this together, and look after our planet so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy it in a perfect state.

“The effort this council makes has to be united with greater awareness on the part of Adra residents”, he stressed.

“It is a task for everybody to keep our town clean”, he added, pointing out the importance of respecting established times for disposing of different kinds of waste in the containers and of using rubbish bins correctly and not tossing trash on the ground.


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