Aldi’s expansion in Spain looks to employment in Malaga

Consistent growth: 308 supermarkets throughout Spain. Credit:

THE Aldi supermarket chain continues to consolidate its expansion in Spain. The company faces this growth with plans to hire 800 people, with the aim of strengthening the service in its already 308 supermarkets scattered throughout Spain and in its future openings of new establishments. With this increase in hiring, the staff of Aldi professionals will have grown by about 20 per cent since 2017.

Spain is a strategic market for Aldi and the company’s growth has been gradual over recent years. In fact, in recent years Aldi has experienced double-digit growth until the end of 2019; with 4,354 employees in that period.

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90 per cent of the new additions will be store staff and the rest will strengthen the strategic areas of Aldi’s central services.

The areas of Spain where Aldi will concentrate the highest volume of contracts are Andalucia, with special emphasis on Malaga, Cadiz and Seville.




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