Torremolinos offers free Capoeira classes for youngsters on the Costa del Sol

A new activity offered for the young: Brazilian martial art Capoeira.Credit: Shutterstock

THE Town Hall of Torremolinos has launched a new free leisure activity aimed at young people in the municipality. With the collaboration of the Abadá Capoeira school, capoeira classes will be taught on the last Saturdays of each month until June at the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Casa de Cultura.

To the wide range of activities that are already offered “Cinema, board games, music, talent show, etc., these Brazilian martial art classes are now added to encourage young people to discover new hobbies and sports,” said the Councillor for Culture and Youth, David Tejeiro.

Classes will be held from 11am to 1pm in the exhibition hall of the Casa de Cultura. They will be open to all the public who wants to participate without age limit.


During the presentation, Rodrigo Feitosa, one of the instructors who will coordinate the activity highlighted not only its physical benefits but “the qualities that we can bring to our daily life of the art of capoeira to face certain situations”

Capoeira is one of the quintessential Brazilian dances which combines different characteristics, encompassing numerous skills such as fighting, dancing and acrobatics.



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