Local Council is Fighting to Regenerate Tivoli World on the Costa del Sol Spain

The Tivoli World roller coaster Credit: herbrm flickr

FOR many years, tourists and residents flocked to Tivoli World to enjoy what was one of the few amusement parks in Southern Spain but now unfortunately it has become rather out of date due to lack of investment.

It is still open in Benalmadena but has been the subject of litigation between two parties since 2009 and this has had an adverse effect on its ability to innovate and attract new visitors.

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Now, Victor Navas, mayor of Benalmadena has entered into the debate, saying that something needs to be done to bring the dispute to an end and revitalisewhat should be a major entertainment attraction.

Nowadays it is the only amusement park on the whole of the Costa del Sol and the mayor wants to act as third party to try to attract new investment into Tivoli so that the two parties can come to an agreement in order to breathe life back into the park.

Navas believes that it would not take a huge investment to replace four or five of the current attractions (some of which are up 30-years-old) with brand new and up to date rides which would attract large crowds of visitors.

In addition to the rides, there is an auditorium which can seat 2,500 people and is an ideal site for concerts of all types.


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