Cheeky Costa Almeria pepper thieves pinched

FOOLISH ACT: Man feigns COVID19 symptoms when stopped by police. CREDIT: File photo

THREE individuals are under arrest for stealing kilos of Italian green peppers from a Vicar greenhouse.

Local Police and Guardia Civil officers surprised the three after they were called out by the property owner. When officers arrived they found the owner at the greenhouse entrance watching three cheeky burglars cutting down his peppers and shoving them into plastic bags.

When the pepper robbers realised the police had turned up they tried to make a run for it, but did not get very far.


It turned out they had seven crates filled with the vegetable, each weighing some 40 kilos each, all set to be loaded onto a vehicle. What’s more, officers discovered the vehicle had no insurance and the MOT was out of date

Further investigations revealed that the trio had already nicked a box of peppers and two boxes of tomatoes from another property which they had then sold.

Identified as 39-year old J.A.N.R., 40-year J.A.R.E. and 50-year old F.G.P., all from Roquetas de Mar, they face charges of theft.


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