WATCH: Spain gourmet goods thieves surprised in Barcelona

ORGANISED: Police believe the trio were part of a criminal gang specialising in nicking items like expensive wines and liquors. CREDIT: Mossos d'Esquadra Twitter @mossos

A TRIO of thieves accused of nicking luxury gourmet products from Barcelona supermarkets are under arrest.

Catalan police said the two men and a woman were part of a criminal gang specialising in stealing goods like bottles of wine and liquors with a price tag of up to €3,000. They believe the trio are responsible for some 45 robberies in the Catalan capital and in Terrassa, on occasion hitting as many as six outlets in one day. They also said the thieves had resorted to violence if they were caught out.


Catalan police surprised the three just after they stole a saxophone and two guitars from music shops in the Gracia district.

They were identified as Romanian nationals aged between 21 and 25. It was also reported they had been arrested before for similar robberies in other Spanish cities.

They are being held in prison awaiting trial.


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