WATCH: Serial storeroom thief caught on camera in Barcelona in Spain

TARGETS: The thief focused on residential complexes, stealing mainly bikes CREDIT: Mossos d'Esquadra Twitte @mossos

A SERIAL storeroom thief is under arrest after he was caught on security cameras nicking bicycles from a property in the Les Corts district of Barcelona.

Catalan police have linked the 25-year old to robberies from 140 residential complexes.


The thief got in by forcing open the building entrance and individual storerooms doors to take what he wanted, mainly bikes. He acted in the early hours of the morning and covered this face to avoid detection, except the one time, as the camera footage shows.

Police nabbed the suspect just as he was carrying out another robbery.

Investigators estimate he got away with items with a combined value of more than €200,000.


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