Moldy Burger King advert arrives in Spain

A New Burger King ad shows a Whopper decaying over time.

Fast-food giant Burger King has taken its latest marketing campaign in Spain, Europe, and the USA to places not usually seen in food advertising.

Its latest Spanish campaign advert shows a timelapse of its signature Whopper Burger turning from fresh to fungi – a giant departure from traditional fast food advertising.

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Click below to see the full advert.

Burger King is trying to convince people to buy its Whopper sandwich by showing them how disgusting and mouldy it becomes over time.

That may seem counter-intuitive but the burger chain is attempting to make an important point to customers – products without artificial preservatives go mouldy.

The company announced it had removed artificial preservatives from its Whoppers in more than 200 US restaurants and planned to expand this to all outlets in the country by the end of the year.

The chain also confirmed MSG and high-fructose corn syrup would also no longer be used in its food.

It is, according to experts, one more attempt of this type of companies to address the changes that consumers have long demanded and an attempt by fast-food chains to adapt to the market.

Already last year Burger King tried to approach vegetarian consumers with the “impossible whopper”, a hamburger made with vegetables and meat substitutes that even mimicked the “bleeding” that shows the usual beef product.

The Whopper in the UK is already free from artificial preservatives.


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