Arrested for Suspected Money Laundering In Cadiz Province Spain

Investigation at the property Credit: National Police

BACK in 2018, an individual who had been injured whilst being arrested was taken to the hospital in La Linea de la Concepcion for treatment and he was ‘rescued’ by a group of hooded men and escaped.

Since then, the National Police have been keeping a close watch on the family of this person, described as the ‘principal’ in the money laundering of large amounts of cash earned through the importation and sale of drugs.

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Having completed their investigation and discovering that those involved enjoyed a high standard of living with no identifiable legitimate source of income, officers raided the main property occupied by the family and arrested four people.

In addition, they seized goods and properties estimated to be worth more than €500,000 which included a luxury car, a further four vehicles and a vessel as well as freezing five bank accounts.

It transpired that the parents of the ‘principal’ had purchased four properties in the area using cash which they had supposedly won in a lottery.


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