Palma city streets setting for Mallorca’s Sa Rua carnival parade

PRIZES: A jury will judge floats and carnival troupes on factors like originality, artistic merit, creativity, humour, satire and public interaction CREDIT: Ajuntament de Palma de Mallorca Facebook @ajuntamentdepalma

CENTRAL Palma with be filled with the colour and sounds of carnival this Sunday February 23 when the city celebrates the traditional ‘Sa Rua’ procession.

Floats and carnival groups will make their way through the streets in a parade which is due to start out at 5pm from the Rambla.

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Once again this year a jury watching from Plaza Mercat will judge the best float and carnival troupe on the basis of factors like originality, artistic merit, creativity, the incorporation of live music, humour, satire and public interaction.

The procession will mean roads all along the procession route will be cut to traffic.

Local Police have issued a notification saying that vehicles will not be allowed to park in Baro de Pinopar, Rambla, Weyler, Plaza del Mercat, Unio, Joan Carles I, Jaume III and the Paseo Mallorca from 2pm until 10pm.

Driving on Joan Carles I, Unio, Plaza del Mercat, Weyler, Rambla, Jaume III and the Paseo Mallorca will be prohibited from 5pm until the procession is over.

There will also be intermittent restrictions on traffic on streets which converge with the Sa Rua itinerary, notably Protectora, Costa de Santa Creu, Sant Felio, Sant Jaume, Plaza Hospital Bonaire, Caputxines, Concepcio and Constitucio from 4pm.


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