ROYAL FAMILY DIVORCE: The Earl Of Snowdon To Divorce His Wife Serene After 26 Years

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It’s been announced by a spokesperson that Earl Snowdon and his wife Serene are to divorce after 26 years of marriage.

Earl Snowdon, the Queen’s nephew and the son of the late Princess Margret has agreed an amicable divorce agreement and at present asking the press and media to respect their decision whilst they go through the UK divorce system.

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The royal couple were married back in 1993 and have three grown up children by way of Viscount Linley, Charles Armstrong-Jones and Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones.

The Royal divorce announcement comes shortly after last week’s, that the Queen’s grandson is also to divorce his wife Autumn.

The Royal family themselves don’t seem to have much luck with marriage with divorces rife throughout the family with many of the recent generations parting ways with their wives.

The Queen’s sons Charles & Andrew both divorced their wives Diana & Sarah but Royal family fans and watchers are hoping that William and Harry last out their marriages unlike their other family members.






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