Coronavirus: UK Foreign Office React At Last To Repatriate UK Passengers On The Princess Diamond Cruise Ship

Credit Twitter

The UK’s Foreign have come under serious pressure to follow the US and evacuate the British cruise ship passengers who are stranded in Japan whilst in quarantine and they have now at last started contacting the UK citizens onboard.

The US took the initiative  and flew in two passenger planes to repatriate their citizens whilst the UK were being blamed for not following suit.

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US passengers on way home

40 of the US passengers have been diagnosed as infected out of the 370 in total loaded onto two aircraft with the infected from the coronavirus sat at the back of each plane.

The UK foreign office eventually have contacted the British onboard as they now start to make arrangements to follow the lead of the Americans.

A Foreign office spokesman said “”We urge all those who have not yet responded to get in touch immediately.” as plans commence after they had announced they were working to “organise a flight” back to the UK for British nationals on the Princess coronavirus-hit cruise ship.

The passengers have been stranded in there Japanese port onboard since February 3.

Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines has been urging the Government to allow his Company to assist but it remains unclear if the offer has been accepted.



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