Former police officer is caught FLYTIPPING an entire car’s worth of rubbish on a strangers driveway

Credit: Twitter

A former police officer has been captured on security camera flytipping an entire car’s worth of rubbish on a stranger’s driveway in broad daylight. 

The camera shows Paul Earwalker driving up to a front garden, opening his people carrier and ditching household waste in Maidstone, Kent.

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To the homeowners shock, discovering mess right on their doorstep,luckily had a security camera installed and submitted the footage to council officials.

Paul who used to be a police officer, now runs his own business running a prestige car hire company and rents out vehicles for weddings and events. He pleaded guilty to illegally depositing waste.

After pleading guilty, Medway Magistrates Court handed him a 12-month community order. He will also have to complete 80 hour unpaid work, complete rehabilitation activities and pay costs of £1,310 following the court case on Thursday.


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