Costa Almeria wellness, health and fitness expert Ali Mallett says we all need to press the pause button now and again

MESSAGE: “Take a breath and focus on you”, Ali advises CREDIT: Ali Mallett

WITH today’s hectic pace of life it can be hard to switch off and relax. But we all need to “press the pause button” now and again, says Costa Almeria-based wellness expert Ali Mallett.

Ali knows a thing or two about how we can look after our physical and mental health. With

20 years’ experience in the health Industry, qualified fitness instructor, holistic therapist and nutritionist Ali, who ran her own business, BeeBeautiful, Beefit Fitness in the UK, says helping people along the path towards all-round well-being “is my world and passion.”


It was the feeling she needed a change from the business, stress and unpredictable

UK weather and her love of the sunshine “and how it makes you feel emotionally, physically and mentally”, which prompted Ali to swap Somerset for the “quiet” of the Costa Almeria in 2017. Here under her Wellness Escapes Spain initiative she runs yoga and Pilates classes at stunning locations in Mojacar, Vera Playa and Turre.

A particular passion for Ali is back care, having suffered with back problems herself.

“If you’ve got a back issue it can lead to the onset of stress, anxiety, depression, constant pain, days off work and not having a quality family life”, she points out.

Ali also offers five-day/night, weekend or mini day breaks with yoga, Pilates and back care, hike, yoga, and Pilates holidays and holistic and well-being retreats, in unspoilt inland locations around Lubrin, Turre and along the coast in Mojacar.

To relax, refocus and rebalance the body and mind, allowing her to “share how I live with others.”

And now she has plans to collaborate with other like-minded professionals in the area to create a “journey” for people towards wellness. The workshops are to start with “where are you now”, moving through your emotions and spirit to “this is where you want to be, feeling healthier, happier, calmer, more relaxed and more in control of your life”, and “how do you get to that destination.

“With our individual skills to bring you to an overall place when you say ‘I’m OK. I don’t need to conform, to have acceptance, understanding, I’m my own individual person, and it’s OK to have good days and bad days, but I can get through this and I can be OK with this’.”

Self-care and self-love does not mean selfish, it is necessary Ali stresses.

“We have to some degree busy lives, we have stress, we have deadlines, we have tension. We have people telling us what to do and how to do it, and how we should perform, and it’s about just going ‘stop’. Take a breath and focus on me.”

“It’s about making time for ourselves and taking care of ourselves. It’s about being OK to think about you.”

CREDIT: Ali Mallett


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