Cement Mixer Lorry Rolls Over In Dramatic Style On Manilva Roundabout On The Costa Del Sol

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Drivers are in shock today on the Costa Del Sol after a cement mixing lorry turned on the Manilva roundabout before rolling right over and landing on its side adjacent to the symbolisms signed roundabout.

The cement mixer destroyed the traffic give way signs whilst thankfully the driver escaped with light bruising.

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The Police and fire brigade were on the scene quickly and traffic inspectors are establishing if the cement mixer was overweight at the time.

According to drivers behind the mixer, they said it was mixing cement at the time and as it approached the roundabout and as it turned it simply just rolled over.

Whilst the driver escaped unscathed despite slight bruising more importantly the truck landed in an area with little pedestrian flow.

As recovery trucks are in operation Police advise to avoid the area at this present time.



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