Labour Party Grandees at Odds over Brexit Policy Prior to Leadership Election

Sir Keir Starmer on the fruitless campaign trail Credit: Jeremy Corbyn flickr

TWO of the main minds behind the Labour Party Brexit policy have given completely opposing views on whether it was right or wrong.

Sir Keir Starmer who is standing to be the next Labour leader told Sky News that he is still convinced that saying that the party would go for another referendum if elected was the right thing to do but he wished they had gone further and given an indication of which side the party would support.

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John McDonnell the shadow chancellor in a separate interview said that whilst a staunch Remainer, he now realised that it was a mistake and that the party should have understood the mood of the country.

At the time, he was convinced that the indication of a referendum would convince Labour supporters to vote as they would normally do but in the end, it became clear that Boris Johnson won so convincingly because the tide of opinion agreed that Brexit should just be pushed through.

Now various Labour party ‘names’ are revealing that they warned against being seen to support a second referendum and that Labour should have looked to appease their high percentage of leave supporting voters.

As members appear to be blaming each other for the reason that they were so soundly trounced, it seems that the continued support that Sir Keir Starmer is giving to the policy could backfire on him as he endeavours to take over from Jeremy Corbyn.


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