A Cassette Tape Lost In Spain On The Costa Brava 25 Years Ago Is Reunited With It’s Owner After Being Washed Up On The Canary Islands


Stella Weddell was 12 years old and on holiday on Spain’s Costa Brava when she lost a cassette tape with all her favourite pop recorded on it in 1993.

The tape included all the chart favourites at the time, such as the Pet Shop Boys as well as many others like shaggy, UB40 and Bob Marley and the Wailers.

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Stella from Berlin thought naturally it was gone forever until 25 years later she was walking through an art exhibition in Swedens Stockholm when she saw the tape and her written listings on it as an exhibit!

It turned out the cassette tape had washed up in Spain’s Fuerteventura some 1400 miles away and 25 years later by British artist Mandy Barker, who had found it on the beach and had sent away to be restored before being exhibited as a work of art in her touring exhibition Sea of Artefacts.

The odds of the original owner from Germany, losing a tape in Spain and spotting it in a Swedish art exhibition are less likely than winning the lottery told Art expert Sharon Thompson to the Euro Weekly News ” It’s incredible – more chance of winning the lottery” she said.

The actual tape incredibly after its 25 year journey covering at least 1400 miles, still plays.



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