Malaga’s young drivers are the worst in all of Spain

Worst in Spain Credit: Shutterstock

THE young people of Malaga are among the most reckless drivers according to a study, prepared from the 2018 data of the Automobile Insurance Statistics (ESA). The report shows that this specific group causes more accidents than more experienced drivers.

Slight collisions are typical of urban circulation and traffic jams and the boys and girls of Madrid, Seville and Malaga, all of which are provinces with some relevant metropolitan area, are the ones that get the worst marks in all of Spain, and are, therefore, the most reckless. In preparing for the report, a method was used in which accidents are differentiated according to their severity. In this way, those accidents where there were any injured or deceased have been considered serious. Minor accidents are those cases in which only material damage occurred. In addition, an evaluation from 1 to 10 was established to measure the probability of an accident.


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