Animal Activists In Spain Call To Ban Foie Gras

Animal activists In Spain Call To Ban Foie Gras Credit: Shutterstock

Animal activists all over Spain will join together tomorrow, Saturday, in Spain’s capital Madrid in protest over the production of foie gras, which, in their view, is considered “torture”

The manifestation led by Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) will take place this Saturday at 6pm in Madrid’s Plaza de Callao and is a call on the government to ban the production of foie gras.

Igualdad Animal is an international organization that works with governments, businesses and society to end cruelty to farm animals. The animal activists criticise Spain for being among the only five countries in Europe that continue to produce this type of liver pate, whose production has already been banned in 18 countries and several cities, the latest being New York.


The petition, which is addressed to the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, states that every year, more than 1,150,000 ducks and geese are force fed so that their livers “grow up to ten times their normal size” in able to obtain foie gras, a practice considered animal torture.



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