Africa, the Sea, Europe an Artistic View of a Refugee Life in Costa del Sol Spain

Opening of the Exhibition Credit: Mijas Comunicacion

THE Artists in Residence collective want to highlight the reality of immigration through 17 works created by 14 different, mainly German artists, who live in Mijas and  Africa, the sea, Europe, exhibition is open until March 2 in the Casa Museum.

The purpose of the event is to highlight the reality of the problems of refugees and their constant attempts, despite the danger, to travel to Europe with many landing on the cost of Spain.

“In 2018, 65,000 refugees arrived in Andalucia in boats,” said Wolfgang Riedemaan, who opened the show with the Arancha López Councillor for Foreigners and the German Consul in Andalucia, Arnulf Braun.


Herr Braun commented “I think we have to go to Africa to start solving things and I think we have to stop those criminal organizations that do their business with the world’s poorest.”


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