Voluntary Group Opens New Premises in Gibraltar

The new Clubhouse Gibraltar building Credit: Gibraltar Government

CLUBHOUSE Gibraltar has an important voluntary role to play in assisting those who have a history of mental illness to find work and to develop their full potential.

The Clubhouse provides support with employment, a work-ordered day, a social program, community support, education, housing and a Health and Wellness program.

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Working with a team of professional staff, those who belong to Clubhouse are encouraged to become involved in their own recovery process where they work and socialise together in a safe environment.

Now with opening of their new premises which caters for all of their client’s needs, Clubhouse Gibraltar has moved a long way from its initial start with weekly meetings in an old building.

Their vision is to provide an environment that offers hope, respect, dignity and opportunities and to give the self-confidence that many of their clients need in order to allow them to develop their skills.

With strong support from the Gibraltar government this not for profit organisation has over the years welcomed some 180 members who have found help from the team and now with their new premises Clubhouse will be able to offer a more comfortable learning and working environment.



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