Coronavirus alert in Spain’s Mallorca as 7-year-old child is admitted to hospital

The patient will remain hospitalised in Son Espases Hospital in Mallorca. Credit: Son Espases

THE General Directorate of Public Health has confirmed that they are investigating a possible new case of coronavirus in Spain’s Mallorca.

The patient is a seven-year-old boy who is now being kept in isolation at Palma’s Son Espases Hospital. It is understood that the child had close contact with the British father who was confirmed to be infected with the virus over the weekend.

The child has presented symptoms of influenza and is will remain at hospital as a precautionary measure until his test results return from the National Centre for Microbiology of the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid.


At a press conference held today (February 10), the Director General of Public Health, Maria Antònia Font, also explained that British man admitted is “asymptomatic” and that a second sample of his blood has been taken to verify the stage of the virus in his body.

The man’s wife and youngest daughter have no symptoms whatsoever, however the eldest daughter has been diagnosed with the flu and will remain hospitalised.


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