Balearic Health Authorities ask civilians in Spain’s Mallorca to remain calm after coronavirus alert

A press conference at Son Espases hospital in Spain's Mallorca. Credit: IB3.

THE Balearic Health Authorities have asked for calm in Spain’s Mallorca after a British Expat was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Speaking at a press conference today, Maria Antònia Font, the General Director of Public Health, stated health officials are currently contacting passengers who took a flight from Barcelona to Palma on January 29 with the infected patient. She noted that “a very thorough investigation will be carried out and everyone who is contacted will be given very precise information on the next steps to take.”

The British father, his wife and two daughters, who have not been named but are understood to be expats living on the island, were admitted to an isolation unit at the Son Espases Internal Medicine Plant last Friday. Their blood samples were subsequently sent to Madrid for analysis, where the father tested positive the disease.

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Jordi Reina, the Head of Virology at Son Espases Hospital, asked for calm in the population, stating that “people don’t need to be worried, as it is a respiratory virus and this is a mild case, with a symptomatology of just 24-hours and the patient’s immune system has reacted very well.”

As Euro Weekly News understands, anyone with flu-like symptoms who has traveled to China within the last 14-days or been in contact with someone that has been diagnosed with coronavirus, are asked to notify the 061 Emergency Services for further instructions.


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