Thai Soldier shot dead after killing 27 in gun rampage

Gunman shot dead by security forces after killing 26 in shopping mall massacre

Thai security forces have killed the soldier who shot dead  26 people during a brutal rampage on Saturday.

Police and military personnel stormed the Terminal 21 shopping mall in the northwestern city of Nakhon Ratchasima to face suspected gunman Sgt Jakrapanth Thomma who was said to have been angry over a financial dispute.

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The lone Gunman was caught on CCTV looking for potential victims

Eight people were held hostage by the gunman in the city of Nkhon Ratchasim, and dozens more were trapped for hours as police attempted to regain control of the seven-floor building.

Security forces minutes before they finally killed the crazed soldier

One police officer was killed during the raid, it was confirmed. “He had been hit and unfortunately he couldn’t make it,” said Anutin Charnvirakul, Thailand’s health minister.

   people ran for their lives to escape the killer

Hours before the attack the killer posted a series of depraved rants on Facebook, and warned: “death is inevitable for everyone”.



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