New British Passport Removes Vital Information

The old and the new style passports Credit: Twitter

AFTER Brexit, many British citizens will still be using the UK European Union style passport for several years to come until they need to exchange it for the UK passports without the words European Union and which are currently still red.

Although it may not be of importance to the majority of people, there is one interesting difference in the general notes which appear in the old style and new style passports.

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In the old style passports there is a section which advises passport holders that if they are in trouble and need consular help in a country where the UK does not have diplomatic representation  (Cape Verde for instance) then they can contact any Embassy or Consulate of any EU State in that country.

This information is missing from the new passports but the British Embassy in Madrid confirmed to Euro Weekly News that this access to EU representation will continue until the end of 2020 or withdrawal if earlier.


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