Costa del Sol winners of Blue Bow recycling award

Award for Costa del Sol Occidental: Highest recognition for excellence. Credit: Pajaritas Azules

PRESIDENT of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol Occidental, José Antonio Mena, has received the highest award in the collection of paper and cardboard, three Pajaritas Azules, at an event held in Valladolid, chaired by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán, and the president of Aspapel, Jordi Mercader.

“We are, for the third consecutive year, in the recycling elite, in which there are only 26 local entities that have obtained the highest recognition for their excellence in the management of the selective collection of paper and cardboard with three Pajaritas Azules,” said Mena.

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Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán, announced that the central government is working on regulatory changes that make it easier to meet the objectives set by the EU.

To do this, “we are going to implement a Circular Economy Strategy and a regulatory package on waste that implements a model of sustainable management of our resources, which helps to minimize the generation of waste.”

The president of Aspapel, Jordi Mercader, said that “In 2019 four and a half million tons of used paper and cardboard will have been collected in Spain, and five million tons recycled. Given its great recycling capacity, the Spanish paper industry guarantees the recycling of all paper and cardboard that is selectively collected in our country and that meets European quality standards”.



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