Stagnant water smells being addressed in Costa del Sol Spain town

Work has already started on chnging the pipes

MANY sewage works across the Costa del Sol pump out very unpleasant smells which can cover large areas of different residential areas but poorly maintained drains can also cause bad odours.

Recognising the problem of the drains, Fuengirola council is investing €42,000 in replacing existing poor drainpipes in Calle San Salvador and increasing the drainage slope in an effort to remove a problem which is particularly bad in the summer and hot weather.

The area covers more than 100 metres and it is expected that although the road will have to be closed for a few days, once the work is completed there will be a proper flow of rainwater which will be diverted to a collector well and smelly stagnant water will be a thing of the past.


This is part of an ongoing project to make life more comfortable for Fuengirola residents.



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