Firemen need many skills here in Spain

Firefighters with the rescued family Credit: Bomberos Marbella

THERE have been a busy few days for the Marbella Fire Brigade over the last week as they first had to tackle a blaze in a bar on the Avenida de la Constitution in San Pedro Alcantara which saw the road closed.

Happily the bar itself was not open at the time and the very quick response from the fire fighters meant that no one was injured and the fire was quickly brought under control.

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After checking the integrity of the building it was declared safe with just some damage done to the bar itself.

Next they were called to the road to Ojen where there was a serious accident which resulted in the rider of a motor bike having to be evacuated by helicopter to hospital.

Then, to show the diversity of the work they undertake, they rescued a British family including two young children who had gone for a walk at La Concha but became lost and had to call for help.


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