Costa del Sol News: Architect champions example to follow in Torremolinos

Mayor meets architect Carlos Lamela:  Father responsible for creating first tourist complex. Credit:

MAYOR of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, recently held a meeting with the architect Carlos Lamela, son of the architect responsible for the construction of the urbanization La Nogalera, Antonio Lamela. Lamela also promoted the first major tourist complex linked to the historic centre of Torremolinos in 1966. Ortiz has stated that the Lamela architecture studio is one of the most important internationally and in the history of Torremolinos. “Thanks to its contribution Torremolinos became in the 60s a leading tourist destination with international projection. We talk about a heritage that is part of the cultural wealth of our city and that we have to protect and value,” he said. Carlos Lamela has affirmed that “For us, Torremolinos is a fundamental city”, “it was one of the places where my father worked and felt most comfortable, that served to launch the tourist architecture that gave rise to a golden age of Spanish architecture.” He also described as an “example to follow” the protection and enhancement that places such as Torremolinos and Malaga lend to contemporary architecture.


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